Hasselblad Launches Its Own ‘Rent a Hasselblad’ Service

Hasselblad has just launched its own in-house ‘Rent a Hasselblad‘ service, allowing photographers to shoot with the brand’s medium-format cameras for much, much less than the thousands it costs to actually own it.

The service has been designed to make life a little easier for those on the fence about investing in a Hasselblad camera kit. By being able to rent the camera and accompanying lenses for a shoot, Hasselblad is offering users a chance to “try before they buy” at “reasonable rates.”

Should you rent a camera and then decide you wish to purchase one (provided it is within 14 days of your rental) you can have the rental fee go toward the purchase cost.

At the moment the service only works with the Hasselblad X1D-50c medium format mirrorless camera, but the company is already looking to include other models.


Rent a Hasselblad is a global, online service. You can choose the period of time you wish to use a camera and then the service will give you an appropriate price. For those in the US, it will cost $110 per day to rent the camera and $30 a day to rent the lenses.

Australian prices are not known. I did log onto the website and found that the Melbourne and Sydney distributors were provided. I assume that you might be able to make arrangements with either to have it shipped to you in other parts of Australia

You can see pricing and availability details on the Hasselblad website.