Synchronised and upside down

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Reuters photographers Michael Dalder and Stefan Wermuth have been photographing the synchronised swimming with underwater robotic cameras.



The Story Behind Banksy


Britain’s Slave Owner Compensation Loan, reparations and tax havenry

So basically, my father and his children and grandchildren have been paying taxes to compensate those who enslaved our ancestors, and you want me...

An increasing clamour of calls to wipe slave trader Ben Boyd off the NSW map has come after state environment minister Matt Kean said...

Was there slavery in Australia? Yes. It shouldn’t even be up for debate

The well informed? and university educated? Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison colloquially known as #ScottyFromMarketing loudly and publicly asserted there was there was No Slavery in colonial Australia Was...

Forced to build their own pyres: dozens more Aboriginal massacres revealed in Killing Times research

The killing times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront The truth of Australia’s history has long been hiding in plain sight. The stories of...

Evidence of 250 massacres of Indigenous Australians mapped

There have been as many as 500 massacres of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. And mass killings occurred well into the...

Of course Australia was invaded – massacres happened here less than 90 years ago

Of course Australia was invaded – massacres happened here less than 90 years ago There’s too much evidence of violence in Australia’s past to hide...