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Coles on-line shopping experience – leaves Bad Taste

Coles sells Sizzle and Utterly Fails to deliver

This polite version was scrapped in favor of a bit more direct approach:

Dear Coles,

I’ve always thought of myself as a switched-on old chap, but your online grocery shopping experience has left me feeling like a befuddled, hapless fool. It seems like your system was designed by a bunch of tech geeks who never bothered to consider delivering on the convenience you so expensively promote.

I thought I’d give the whole online shopping gig a go, armed with a Coles gift card my brother kindly tucked into my Christmas card. What a disaster! The troubles began when I tried to use the gift card during the checkout. I scoured your website, hoping to find a way to apply it to my cart, but no luck.

A call to your customer service confirmed that, nope, it has never been possible. Polite, but I felt like an old fool who should have known better.

The whole reason I entertained the idea of home delivery by Coles was the gift card from my brother. I’m a 79-year-old dealing with serious health issues, and the idea of avoiding a trip to the store sounded great. Little did I know, the ordeal had just begun.

I placed my order, and the prices were up to 50% more than what I’d pay at Aldi. Even a simple breakfast treat like thick fruit bread was significantly pricier at Coles. But fine, I needed the convenience.

Payment went through smoothly—or so I thought. The next day, an email arrives, citing some colossal oversight, and my groceries won’t be delivered. The goodwill gesture? A $20 credit to my online account.

What about the cash – the hard-earned dollars I’d already paid via card?

No answers.

A call to your customer service was a test of patience. “It’s company policy, sir,” they said, “we’ll credit your account in 24 to 48 hours.”

Well, I’m a pensioner; I can’t wait or go shopping elsewhere because you’ve got my money.

And when I requested a contact phone for further discussion, I was met with a cold “we don’t have that information.”

After searching online, I found another call center number.

Frustration mounted as I got nowhere and no one seemed capable or willing to fix the unreasonable delay in refunding my money.

Hours later, I demanded to speak with a supervisor. Alas, no one was available.

Now, almost 12 hours later, not a single phone call, text, or email from your supposedly caring team.

Coles, you’ve not only failed to live up to the hype but have left this old bloke feeling taken advantage of and utterly frustrated.

It’s time to shape up, Coles. Make sure the next experience matches the hype you sell to the world.


Bob Lee

A frustrated customer

Coles online shopping experience

Decide direct was much more effective.
But hey its a monopoly and I still to this very day
I have absolutely no contact by any real person from Coles

2nd rewrite

I have had an absolutely infuriating experience with Coles Online Grocery shopping.

Let me break it down for you without any sugar-coating.
First off, I tried to use a gift card. Simple enough, right? Wrong.

The online search promoted their gift cards but nowhere is a warning or alert that gift cards are not accepted for on line shopping, but when it came time to check out, surprise surprise, no option to apply it. So, I had to endure the torture of waiting on hold, only to be told, oh-so-politely, that gift cards can’t be used online. Seriously? Why bother promoting it then?

But wait, there’s more. The prices online were ridiculous compared to Aldi. I’m talking up to 50% more expensive for the same items. Thick Fruitbread? Coles wanted $6.50, while Aldi had it for $4.50. It’s daylight robbery!

So, after jumping through hoops and paying with my hard-earned cash, I get an email confirming delivery. Great, right? Wrong again. The next day, I receive another email saying they messed up and won’t be delivering my groceries. Oh, but they graciously offer a $20 credit to my online account. What about the cash I paid? Crickets.

When I called to sort it out, I was met with the most infuriating responses. “Company policy” this and “wait 24 to 48 hours” that. Well, excuse me, but I’m a pensioner. I can’t afford to wait around while you hold onto my money!

And the cherry on top? After hours of fruitless calls, no one could even connect me to a supervisor. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall.

So, Coles, listen up. Your online shopping experience is a joke.

It’s like it was designed by amateurs who have no clue about customer service or professionalism.

Do better, or I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

And trust me, I won’t be alone.

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