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PwC Australia scandal: what actually happened and will it be fatal for the advisory firm?

The Australian affiliate of PricewaterhouseCoopers is subject to a police investigation in a crisis that could have global implications PwC used its global network to profit from privileged information, drawing in other parts of one...

Tax rorts, consultants, external Government advisors embed in Government departments. Golly gee what’s the problem

Nearly one week after the police were called, the government cannot directly say if it can stop doing business with a firm whose ex-CEO allegedly leaked Australian tax secrets. It’s eight years since Peter-John Collins,...

The professional classes make billion-dollar tax rorts possible

“The key lesson from WA Inc was that the shonks, crooks, spivs and conmen only really thrive with the assistance of the professional classes – the accountants, lawyers, valuers, journalists et al. “It took at least...

Jobs for mates is corruption. Dangerous corruption

Bernard Keane reports in CrikeyFor generations, jobs for mates — or what used to be labelled jobs for the boys — were treated as an unfortunate but inevitable tendency by political parties to look...

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