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Each year Pigsfly Newspaper cover a range of topics including:
  • Political nonsense, spin, plain bulls**t, lies and fabrications
  • Lobbyists
  • Political donors
  • Politicians “entitlements” travel rorts, expenses
  • Gambling lobbyists and all that entails
  • Mining and Energy tax avoidance not in the least our continual focus on the ongoing rape of Australia’s precious resources
  • Tax avoidance and the industry that supports and profits
  • New twists on business perspectives
  • Old twists on political party electioneering rorts rip offs and such like
  • Photography
  • Music and
  • Fascinating bits and bobs you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

For 2020 several Pigsfly Newspaper Long Reads are planned.
On the drawing board include:
• Politicians and their “Entitlements?”
•  The FUA Awards and much much more

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