Lightroom CC

Late October 2017 Adobe put out 2 new versions of Lightroom.

In a rather confusing manner to be honest.

  1. Firstly Lightroom CC as we know and love it is now called Lightroom Classic.
  2. A new desktop program was added and the entire series of related mobile and web apps is now called Lightroom CC.
  3. The other major things was that both are subscription based.
  4. Lightroom 6 is the last perpetual version of Lightroom. There will be an update to 6.13 on the 26th Oct. Support will cease next year, which potentially gives time for a further update, but that has not been confirmed.
  5. Lightroom Classic CC on your desktop has the same features and delivers the same best-in-class results no matter which platform you use. You can organize, edit, and share your photographs from anywhere—Lightroom Classic CC on your computer, Lightroom CC mobile device, or Lightroom CC on the web.