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Reject the 2016 Report of Independent Committee Review into Parliamentarian’s Entitlements. The Report is both a shame and disgrace.

The recently tabled 2016 Report Independent Committee Review into Parliamentarian’s Entitlements, grants complete and total control over “Entitlements expenditure” to the very politicians, who because of their rorts, abuse and misuse of taxpayers’ funds, this committee was tasked to examine and report with practical ethical recommendations.

Instead we have been lumbered with a report that reaffirms parliamentarian’s entitlements (business expenses) (rorts) by handing complete control and autonomy to parliamentarians. More helicopter rides, private chartered aircraft to attend political meetings, meet executives of any political party, anywhere in Australia at taxpayers expense. More gold platting of parliamentary entitlements, bucket loads of dissembling, rewording of terminology thrown together with with weasel words  failed at every, yes every recommendation to bring accountability, trust, transparency and timeliness.650pxWide_FamilyTravelCost1

If not vigorously challenged today, then the tax payer will be forced to endure another five or six years of misuse and abuse, until the next review is brought about by further misuse and abuse.650px_FamilyTravelCostChart1

Core issues of ongoing payments to Former Prime Ministers, Overseas Study Trips, Family Travel, Gold Pass for for parliamentarians, Web_700pxFormer_PM_Layers_GraphUnaccountable domestic travel, outrageous Office Fit Outs costs were never explored nor addressed. To remove entirely the ability of politicians and Senators to travel at taxpayers expense to meetings of a parliamentary political party, or of its executive, or its committees, and the national conference of the Senator or Member’s political party.


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