Lessons from the teal seats

Simon Holmes à Court outlines the Lessons from the teal seatsThe phrase was coined by a volunteer for Sophie Scamps in Mackellar, but it was just as fitting in Kooyong or Goldstein or anywhere...

After-dark pundits want to push the Liberals further right. Let them

Guy Rundle writes in CrikeyThe proposition that’s been put out by the right, in the wake of its shellacking, is that the Coalition lost because it pandered to the teals in the inner cities....

The crossbench is dead. Greens and indies are a third force in Parliament

Guy Rundle writes in CrikeyWaking amid half-empty bottles, dried sick and dead roaches (figuratively and literally), and despite all efforts to remain jaded and louche, your correspondent regrets to report feelings of excitement, hope...

Women — teal, red or green — are this election’s central stor

Madonna King writes in Crikey As much as this election is a story shunning Scott Morrison, it’s also a story about the rise of strong, savvy and professional women. A story that began with Brittany Higgins...

My job

NZ style voting for Australia?

Pete Fry writes in Pearls and IrritationsMany Australians see New Zealand’s MMP voting system as a complex German-based foreign contraption which has little to offer us. Pete Fry argues that for its users it...

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