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Why Trump’s Legal Reckoning Took Its Time, Courtesy of Bill Barr

📢🔥Why Trump's Legal Reckoning Took Its Time, Courtesy of Bill Barr

Hours before Donald Trump’s first criminal trial, the former president, in a burst of social media fury, questioned the timing of what he labeled a “totally discredited lawsuit.” His post was a mix of outrage and disbelief—claiming, without evidence, that the proceedings were part of an “Election Interference!” scheme.

Let’s unpack that, shall we? The charges at hand date back to 2016 and 2017—well outside any election cycle in question. So, what took so long for these allegations to land in court? The answer leads us straight to Bill Barr, Trump’s once-trusted Attorney General, and a series of moves that kept the courtroom doors closed for years.

Rewind to the 2016 election. Anxiety was high within the Trump camp about potential fallout from Trump’s alleged intimate dealings with porn star Stormy Daniels. The solution? A shell company created by Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, to keep Daniels quiet. This clandestine arrangement led to falsified business records and incremental payments to Cohen, which, though they eventually put Cohen behind bars, curiously spared “Individual 1″—Trump himself.

While the Southern District of New York’s prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman (a Republican, by Trump’s own appointment), initially moved against Cohen, a greater game was afoot. According to Berman’s accounts, once he secured Cohen’s guilty plea, the Justice Department began an under-the-radar campaign to neuter the investigation, signaling a troubling intervention from Washington that reached into the very heart of Manhattan’s judicial processes.

Enter Bill Barr, who, upon becoming Attorney General, not only halted the ongoing investigations but audaciously suggested reversing Cohen’s convictions—essentially rewriting the legal narrative to protect Trump. Instructions were handed down to cease all investigative efforts until further notice, placing immense pressure on Berman’s team to pull punches and omit any references that might unfavorably paint the former president.

The manipulation didn’t stop there. Under Barr’s directives, the Justice Department veered into political territory, probing Democrats without cause and misrepresenting Berman’s status to the public, all culminating in Trump firing Berman when he resisted these overreaches.

Why, then, is Trump only facing trial now? The delay was a calculated effect of a Justice Department compromised by loyalty to Trump rather than to justice itself. This intervention allowed time to pass, evidence to age, and the narrative to be spun by Trump’s allies.

As the trial commences, Trump’s outrage over the timing is misplaced. The real scandal isn’t why it took so long—it’s that it was delayed at all, orchestrated by a cadre of officials more committed to protecting one man than upholding the law.

Breaking News: Trump’s Trial Jury Selection Underway

Donald Trump’s notorious tactics of intimidation have now led to a shroud of secrecy over the jury selection process in his hush money criminal trial. It’s a move aimed at protecting potential jurors from harassment by Trump and his zealous supporters. As a result, Trump’s legal team is left with only a partial glimpse into the pool of prospective jurors. Here’s what we’ve learned about the seven jurors already empaneled:

1. **The Foreperson:** A man hailing from Ireland, employed in sales with a partial college education. He’s married, sans children, and keeps up with news from the New York Times, Daily Mail, Fox News, and MSNBC.
2. **The Oncology Nurse:** A native New Yorker engaged to be married, dedicated to her profession. She stays informed through the New York Times and CNN.
3. **The Corporate Lawyer:** Originally from Oregon, he’s a young, unmarried man with a penchant for news from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Google.
4. **The Enigmatic Puerto Rican:** An older man with a profound love for family, married with adult children and grandchildren. Running an IT business, he finds Trump’s persona intriguing but remains politically neutral.
5. **The Educator:** A young Black woman shaping minds in the public charter school system. With a master’s degree, she prefers to avoid political discussions but appreciates Trump’s outspokenness.
6. **The Software Engineer:** A recent college graduate residing in Chelsea with no strong opinions on Trump. She vows to remain fair and impartial, gathering news from various sources including the New York Times, Google, Facebook, and TikTok.
7. **The Civil Litigator:** Married with children, originally from North Carolina and now dwelling on the Upper East Side. He holds political views on the Trump presidency but claims neutrality on Trump’s character.
As the trial unfolds, stay tuned for more updates on this riveting case. Follow Pigsfly News for the latest developments!

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