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U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon threw a curveball- Jack Smith strikes back

In his fiery response, Smith didn't mince words

🚨📰 **Breaking News: Judge Juan Merchan Denies Trump’s Motion to Delay Trial!** 📰🚨

In a stunning turn of events, Judge Juan Merchan has firmly shut down former President Donald Trump’s attempt to delay his upcoming New York criminal trial. 😲 Despite Trump’s desperate plea to postpone proceedings until after the US Supreme Court weighs in on his presidential immunity claim, Judge Merchan swiftly rejected the motion, labeling it untimely and highlighting Trump’s ample opportunities to address the issue earlier. 💥💼

“This Court finds that Defendant had myriad opportunities to raise the claim of presidential immunity well before March 7, 2024,” declared the order, leaving no room for doubt about the gravity of the decision. “The circumstances, viewed as a whole, test this Court’s credulity.”

🔗 **Related article:** Trump is trying everything he can to delay this month’s hush money criminal trial

Scheduled to commence with jury selection on April 15, the trial revolves around hush money payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign, particularly to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump, maintaining his innocence, has pleaded not guilty to all charges, setting the stage for what promises to be a riveting legal showdown. 🎬⚖️

While Merchan has permitted Trump’s legal team to object to evidence linked to presidential acts during the trial, Wednesday’s ruling notably sidestepped the broader issue of presidential immunity. “The Court declines to consider whether the doctrine of presidential immunity precludes the introduction of evidence of purported official presidential acts in criminal proceeding,” the order clarified.

Trump’s maneuver to delay the trial backfired spectacularly, especially considering that when the motion was filed on March 7, the trial was initially slated to kick off on March 25. However, a subsequent delay until mid-April ensued due to a cache of documents disclosed by federal prosecutors, throwing another wrench into Trump’s legal strategy. 🛑📄

Stay tuned to Pigsfly News for the latest updates on this high-profile trial! 🐷✈️ #JusticePrevails #TrumpTrial #LegalDrama Article appeared herehttps://edition.cnn.com/2024/04/03/politics/judge-deny-motion-delay-hush-money-trump/index.html?utm_term=17121859097087703d548759a&bt_ts=1712185909711&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cnn_In+Case+You+Missed+It+-+ICYMI&bt_ee=YLA6PmgHBFIGsRfcAAGUDLtntOjbHN2p7pXaYbrpOCzx2SFT9NgBbFgsDjaHA%2Fhn&bt_alias=eyJ1c2VySWQiOiAiNDlhZmMzY2ItY2Y3MS00MDZlLWE3NjYtMTQwMTZkYjJmN2Q5In0%3D


🔍 Harry Litman, former U.S. Attorney, dives deep into the latest legal drama surrounding Donald Trump’s alleged favoritism on Deadline White House with Nicolle Wallace! 📺 Check out the intense discussion as they dissect Jack Smith’s latest filing that’s shaking up the courtroom dynamics. 📑💼

Remember when U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon threw a curveball, suggesting a fringe legal theory that could potentially tilt the scales in favor of Donald Trump in the classified documents case? 😱

Well, special counsel Jack Smith isn’t holding back in his response, firing back at Cannon’s delay tactics with a scathing retort. 🔥 Smith’s message is crystal clear: unless Cannon straightens out her legal stance, he’s ready to take the fight to the next level.

Cannon’s recent move to ask for proposed jury instructions has raised eyebrows, especially since it seems to blur the lines between the Presidential Records Act and the criminal charges against Trump. 🤔 Smith wasted no time pointing out the flaws in this approach, emphasizing that such confusion could lead to a miscarriage of justice.

In his fiery response, Smith didn’t mince words, highlighting that Cannon’s delay tactics could not only prolong the trial but also jeopardize the integrity of the legal process. ⏳ Trump’s strategy of delay is evident, but what’s more alarming is the potential for a botched trial due to erroneous instructions.

Now, all eyes are on Cannon’s next move. Will she stick to her guns and risk an appeal, or will she course-correct before it’s too late? ⚖️ The ball is in her court, but the implications of her decisions extend far beyond this trial. The power wielded by a trial judge is immense, and Cannon’s actions could shape the course of this case for better or for worse.

As we await Cannon’s response, one thing is clear: the battle for justice is far from over. ⚔️ Whether Trump’s trial proceeds smoothly or hits another roadblock remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure: the stakes have never been higher.

Stay tuned for more updates as this legal saga unfolds! 📢 #TrumpTrial #LegalDrama #DeadlineWhiteHouse

🐷📰 Prosecutors Slam Judge’s Order in Trump’s Classified Documents Case**

In a dramatic turn of events, federal prosecutors have delivered a scathing rebuke to the judge overseeing the classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump. The prosecutors have sharply criticized Judge Aileen Cannon’s recent order, labeling it as “fundamentally flawed” and expressing deep concern over its potential impact on the trial.

The controversy stems from Judge Cannon’s decision to request proposed jury instructions from both the prosecution and defense teams, despite the uncertain timeline for the trial. Of particular concern to the prosecutors is the judge’s apparent willingness to entertain interpretations of the law that could bolster Trump’s argument regarding the Presidential Records Act (PRA).

According to prosecutors, Trump’s assertion that he was entitled to retain sensitive documents under the PRA is based on a “fundamentally flawed legal premise.” They argue that the law, which allows presidents to keep personal records while requiring them to return presidential records to the government, has no relevance to a case involving highly classified documents.

Prosecutors vehemently contest Trump’s claim that the documents in question were designated as personal, asserting that there is no evidence to support this assertion. They emphasize that none of the witnesses interviewed during the investigation reported hearing Trump make such a designation.

Furthermore, prosecutors express frustration over Judge Cannon’s handling of the case, citing delays in ruling on defense motions and disagreements between the parties. They warn that the trial date remains uncertain, raising the possibility that the case may linger unresolved until the November presidential election.

In response to the judge’s order, prosecutors urge her to swiftly reject the defense motion to dismiss the case and to refrain from citing the PRA in her jury instructions. They emphasize that the distinction between personal and presidential records under the PRA has no bearing on the charges Trump faces under the Espionage Act.

As the legal battle intensifies, Trump finds himself facing dozens of felony counts related to the mishandling of classified documents. Despite the mounting pressure, the former president maintains his innocence, insisting that he did nothing wrong.

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