Political Donations by Donor

Summary of the A$30,640,335 Donations reported by Donors to All parties – 2015-16
Ranked Largest 1st

Political Donations by Donor to Labor Party

Summary of the A$6,702,877.00 Donations reported by ALP – 2015-16
Ranked Largest 1st

Political Donations by Donor to Liberal Party

Summary of the A$15,480,777.00 Donations reported by Liberal – 2015-16
Ranked Largest 1st

Political Donations by Donor to Greens Party

Summary of the A$2,194,287 Donations reported by Greens- 2015-16
Ranked Largest 1st

Political Donations by Donor to Xenophon Party

Summary of the A$100,00.00 Donations reported by Xenophon – 2015-16
Ranked Largest 1st

Political Donations by Donor to Nationals Party

Summary of the A$1,467,014 Donations reported by Nationals – 2015-16
Ranked Largest 1st

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Tax Justice May Podcast

In this month’s Taxcast: We discuss why we can’t afford the rich and challenge ideas about wealth, entrepreneurialism and investment. Also: ten years ago...

Why corporate America loves Donald Trump

American executives are betting that the president is good for business. Not in the long run MOST American elites believe that the Trump presidency is...
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The petition: Stop Future Entitlement Rorts.

Click on this link to Petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Reject the 2016 Report of Independent Committee Review into Parliamentarian's Entitlements. The Report is both...