Fixed speed cameras are installed permanently, with signs warning they are in place, even though there is no legislative requirement for the notice.

Leadfoot drivers pour millions of dollars into the Queensland government’s coffers every year.

Government revenue from fines and forfeitures, which includes fixed and mobile camera offences, speeding and tolling offences, is expected to grow by 7.9 per cent to $478 million in 2019-20, budget papers reveal.

Even though a full list of camera sites has been published online, authorities expect to reap more money as a result of increases in enforcement hours and the deployment of extra cameras in the coming years.

Speed camera locations are picked based on criteria including the number of crashes on a section of road in the past five years, the severity and causes of crashes, and how common high-risk speeding is in an area.

This collated list has been sourced via open data and government websites.

However, police warn drivers should expect to see officers enforcing speed limits “anywhere, any time” and people must always drive to the speed limit.

So far this year, 135 people have died as a result of crashes in Queensland, 33 fewer than this time last year.

Fixed speed cameras are installed permanently, with signs warning they are in place, even though there is no legislative requirement for the notice.

The amount of revenue collected from leadfoot motorists is expected to soar by 47 per cent over the next four years as more speed cameras are rolled out across the state.

In 2017-18, the estimated actual revenue collected from speed camera fines was $160.6 million

That figure was expected to balloon to $237.2 million by 2021-22.

LNP treasury spokesman Tim Mander accused the government of revenue raising.

Mr Mander said the opposition would bring back the requirement to display “speed camera in use” signs with mobile speed camera units, after the signs were removed in 2015.

“High visibility policing will always be better at enforcing safe driving than fines being sent to drivers long after they were caught speeding,” he said.

A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said increases in mobile speed camera hours for police were approved as part of the 2017-18 state budget.

Mr Bailey said speed cameras saved lives.

“If you don’t want to get fines, you don’t speed, full stop. I wish we had no revenue from speed cameras because nobody sped – I can assure you, if that was the case we’d have an extraordinarily low road toll,” he said.

Mr Bailey said locations for speed cameras were chosen based on areas that had a history of crashes as a result of speeding.

“It is nothing to do with revenue that might be received from that location, and that’s been the case across governments,” he said.

There are more than 3000 mobile speed camera sites throughout Queensland, which are chosen based on a history of crashes or because they are known for high-risk speeding, such as school zones or roadwork sites.
Mobile speed cameras are either vehicles fitted with speed camera equipment that can park on the side of the road or handheld devices operated by police officers.
Police officers can operate mobile speed cameras from marked or unmarked vehicles either in uniform or plain clothes at approved sites any time.
Sites are approved by regionally based speed management advisory committees, made up of representatives from the Queensland Police Service, Department of Transport and Main Roads, RACQ and councils.
In December 2016, police also rolled out speed camera trailers, which can be managed remotely and used in high-risk areas where it is not safe or practical or deploy a police officer.
  • Fixed speed cameras are located at:
    • Airport Link tunnel, Brisbane
    • Bruce Highway, Burpengary
    • Clem7 Tunnel, Brisbane
    • Gateway Motorway, Nudgee
    • Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach
    • Gold Coast Highway, Southport
    • Legacy Way Tunnel, Brisbane
    • Main Street, Kangaroo Point (approaching the Story Bridge)
    • Nambour Connection Road, Woombye
    • Nicklin Way, Warana
    • Pacific Motorway, Gaven
    • Pacific Motorway, Loganholme
    • Pacific Motorway, Tarragindi
    • Sunshine Motorway, Mooloolaba (Mountain Creek)
    • Warrego Highway, Redwood
    • Warrego Highway, Muirlea (Ipswich)
  • Point-to-point cameras measure the average speed of a vehicle travelling between two locations:

    • Bruce Highway between Johnston Road, Glass House Mountains and Caloundra Road, Landsborough

    • Bruce Highway, southbound from Landsborough to Elimbah

    • Mount Lindesay Highway, northbound from Jimboomba to Park Ridge South

Last year, Transport Minister Mark Bailey said revenue from the Camera Detected Offence Program was used for road safety education and awareness programs, road-crash injury rehabilitation and road safety-related infrastructure improvements.

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