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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Weasels win from any cycle of vengence

According to Katharine Murphy, Morrison has been flat out trying to hold his team together sufficiently to get through next week, the final three...

A shocker performance, even by coup standards

View from The Hill: A shocker performance, even by coup standards Scott Morrison is sworn in as the 30th prime minister of Australia by Governor-General...

Business Expenses or Rorts? – $47 Million in six months

Australia’s own version of the Panama papers is the Report of the Independent Parliamentary Entitlements System Review, February 2016. A secret alliance between Tony Abbott and...

Will Australia be caught short as politicians sacrifice the national interest...

Matthew Rimmer on Twitter: "No Surprises: Tony Abbott vs Malcolm Turnbull @DavPope on #LibSpill, Trojan Horses and Rainbow Unicorns. http://t.co/7zE2XNmUZq" The tabloid critique of Tony...

Factions, political hacks and despots

A mooted succession plan in Bronwyn Bishop’s Sydney seat has been denounced by local Liberal party members as “North Korean nepotism”. Damien Jones,...