What happens when selfish drivers park in disabled spaces

I fume every time I see some ignorant selfish di*khead driver act as though ‘god created disability parking spaces’ for their myopic self centered use when they park in a disabled space.

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Snap Send Solve functions for councils in Australia and New Zealand. The reporting process is simple and straightforward and has been designed to make your life as a ratepayer easier…

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It’s not only drivers taking spaces away from more than 300,000 individuals who have valid permits in NSW. Businesses use them to store shopping trolleys, skip bins and other things that get left in areas that are seen as a convenient location.

UTS professor Simon Darcy, a quadriplegic who drives to work in a modified vehicle, said it was really critical for him and others with disability to get out and engage with the community but the mobility parking scheme might need to be more nuanced.

“There needs to be a recognition about the difference between wheelchair accessible parking as opposed to people who might have an ambulant disability,” Professor Darcy said.

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Physical Disability Council NSW chief executive Serena Ovens said drivers taking disabled parking spaces illegally was “pure selfishness”.

“Basically 20 per cent of the NSW community have a disability [the 2016 census reported 18.5 per cent]. Not all of those people will have the need for an accessible space, but everybody has the right to access all of their community and to do that safely.

“People need to understand and appreciate why accessible car spaces are so important and think twice. So many people will only use a space for two minutes, but if everyone thinks that way, then there are never going to be spaces available.

Reported in Punchbowl: “I have a 4-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and could not park in the disabled spot outside the play centre because this person thought they had a right to park in it to collect her dogs from Petbarn. I have never experienced this before and was very angry and upset, I had to carry my child to the play centre because it was too far for her to walk in her walking frame. She saw us and completely ignored us.”

Reported in Annandale: “Hi, I have a 6-year-old disabled girl with severe mobility issues – this guy decided he would take the last disability spot forcing me to carry her from up the road just to get to the playground. He saw me too!”

Reported in Gregory Hills: “After almost hitting my son and I twice whilst I was pushing a trolley in the carpark this woman then ignorantly parked across two disabled spots at Masters Gregory Hills.. She even got out of her car and looked, and then kept walking inside. Disgusting behaviour, she even had a young boy of maybe 6 or 7 with her. Turns out she was just in a hurry to return an item she just purchased.. We did check and there was absolutely no disabled sticker on the car. I have never been so appalled at the ignorance of someone in my life.”

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