You should check these privacy settings on Facebook now

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Facebook privacy scandal

How to See, And Block, All The Apps Tracking You on Facebook

How to revoke Facebook apps' access to your data right now

Don’t want developers to have your data? Here’s how to get it removed (and make sure it’s gone) today.

Revoking an app’s permission to your data is a simple process, even if it can be a bit tedious. All you need to do is delete it.

There are two ways to remove an app from your Facebook account. You can do it on the desktop site or on the app. However, removing an app doesn’t ensure that you’re data will be removed from the developer’s database. You’ll need to contact the developer and you can only do that through the desktop site.

Over the years you’ve used Facebook, you’ve probably given various apps permission to tap into its data trove. And why not? At the time it’s a simple enough request, a way to share photos more easily, or find friends across the app diaspora.

In doing so, though, you’re granting developers deep insight into your Facebook profile. And until Facebook tightened up permissions in 2015, you were also potentially letting them see information about your friends, as well; Cambridge Analytica scored all that data not from a hack, but because the developer of a legitimate quiz app passed it to them.

So! Time to audit which apps you’ve let creep on your Facebook account, and give the boot to any that don’t have a very good reason for being there. That’s most of them.

Your guide to Facebook Privacy

Facebook has never been particularly good at prioritizing your privacy. Your data powers its business, after all.
But recent revelations that a firm called Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal information of 50 million unwitting Facebook users in 2015 has created new sense of urgency for those hoping for some modicum of control over their online life.


If you ever needed a wake-up call, this is it.

Here’s how:

  • Go to your Facebook account.

  • Click the down arrow on the top toolbar and then Settings.

  • Choose Apps.

  • Hover over the app you want to get rid of.

  • Click the X icon.

    A popup will give you information on how to contact the app to remove your data. After noting information, click the Remove button on the popup.

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