“Giuliani: The Heart-Wrenching Christmas Grinch”


"Giuliani: The Heart-Wrenching Christmas Grinch"

Guiliani The Christmass Grinch

As the trial concluded on a somber Monday, Giuliani, the real Christmas Grinch, callously insisted, “Everything I said about them is true,” leaving behind a trail of shattered lives. The aftermath revealed years of racial abuse, victimization, bullying, and harassment inflicted upon Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, dedicated election workers.

Outside the courtroom, Giuliani’s heartless words hung in the air like a cruel echo. “They started coming to the house with bullhorns,” Freeman recounted, her voice filled with the haunting memories of vile acts. “Now you’re actually coming to the house? I was scared. I was scared because I didn’t know, now they’re coming to kill me. I was just scared.” The relentless attacks forced Freeman to abandon her cherished home, leaving her to wander from place to place with her belongings crammed into her car. The weight of homelessness pressed down on her, and tears flowed freely as she shared her heart-wrenching experience.

The court’s decision to punish Giuliani for his relentless character assassination and lies brought a momentary sense of justice to Freeman and Moss, a mother-daughter duo. However, any semblance of celebration, especially just in time for Christmas, was cruelly short-lived. The trustworthiness of Giuliani’s lawyers was likened to a feeble admission, and the fleeting nature of joy mirrored the brevity of a bus ticket.

Giuliani, once boasting of plans to testify and provide evidence in his defamation damages trial, displayed his true colors by choosing a gutless path. Despite agreeing not to contest the falsehood of his claims about the two women, Giuliani’s lawyer attempted a feeble shift of blame to a right-wing website, leaving the victims further betrayed and the spirit of Christmas tainted by the lingering darkness of deceit and defamation.