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Introduce Optional Preferential Voting

This was the major electoral recommendation of the 2009 Citizens’ Parliament which assembled 150 randomly selected citizens drawn from every electorate nationally. (Disclosure Note:...

Eliminate Private Donor Funding

Similar to the argument in favour of political advertising is that third party donations are a form of freedom of speech . A contrary...

None of the Above Voting Option

Introduce a “None of the Above” Voting Option or End Compulsory Voting With elections designed theoretically to reflect the will and voice of the people, this...

Back to the centre

The electorate is not as volatile as we might imagine By George Megalogenis For the third election in a row, Australians are being offered a choice...

Sony A6300 Review: A tough act to follow, but Sony packs in the power

The Sony A6300 comes as the follow-up to one of the most popular cameras in recent years. Given the top marks garnered by its...

It’s time to expose the myths of the neo-liberal economic model

Article by Greg Jericho For Malcolm Turnbull the election is all about jobs and growth and a belief that a company tax cut and reducing...

What if our politicians had to tell the truth? (#ItsTime)

Imagine a world where our politicians suffered real consequences when they mislead the public with a lie. A world where politicians had to work together...

Needy or Greedy: Pollie Perks never enough

A group of retired politicians trying to claw bigger pensions and more free travel from the taxpayer will get their day in court next...

Google’s Paris offices raided by tax investigators

French police and prosecutors have swooped on Google’s Paris offices, intensifying a tax-fraud probe amid accusations the Internet giant fails to pay its fair...

Politicians can’t be trusted to reform political donations

The major parties now compete to outspend each other at elections while devoting ever increasing resources to raise the funds this demands.’ John Madigan My appointment...