Published by Bob Lee 13 February, 2016
The minute-long animation, ’H is for Healthy’ , made its television premiere on HBO this week, but has already collected accolades around the globe, opening the world’s leading food and film festival, Devour, and being shortlisted for the British Animation Awards in the Best TV/Film Graphics category.


SS-Boy-danceRobert vividly remembers his excitement when approached by the world’s most iconic kids’ show; ‘Sesame Street have produced animations for over five decades that are both pioneering and ingrained in the world’s collective psyche. So I was thrilled to be part of that legacy while reaching out to young minds with the chance to make a real difference.’

Sesame Street found SAUSAGE online and contacted Grieves directly, reflecting a change in the way big brands are commissioning animation, going straight to the talent rather than the traditional agency route. Robert sees only benefits in this; ‘More and more clients are realising that by contacting animators and directors directly, they not only save on agency overheads, but have a unbroken line of contact with the very person creating their work. This process has been standard with smaller brands over the years, but now even Adidas has become a direct client of mine through direct contact.’

The commission came about in a manner most film makers can only dream of: a SesameSt-4Benchworld class client looking for an expansion of the artist’s style and themes while allowing for true creative freedom. In fact, Grieves says the brief was the most open one he’s experienced on a commercial job. Sesame Street provided the title and brief description of the theme to be explored, the rest of the concept, from words and music to character design and style were left to Robert.

Enjoying the creative freedom allowed by Sesame Street, Robert called on the same team that gave SAUSAGE its unique and uplifting soundtrack, composer Utters and sound designer Leaf Troup.

H is for Healthy, for Sesame Street from robert grieves on Vimeo. Newcomer to the team Chiara Hunter provided the powerful vocals.

The film’s television debut comes at an historic point. Sesame Street is the longest running kids TV show in the world and enters a landmark phase as it launches on cable network HBO rather than its home for 60 years, US public broadcaster PBS. Grieves is excited that H is for Healthy has been an integral part of this new period for Sesame Street and is already in discussions with producers about follow up films.SesameSt-panorama