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Should Australians follow the British lead and boycott tax avoiders?

Elfriede Sangkuhl, The Conversation December 18, 2012 In the UK the recent boycott of Starbucks by consumers has helped elicit a pledge from the coffee...

Card giant MasterCard lowers local tax bill

MasterCard lowers its local tax bills through deals with Singapore's Government The wonderful thing about investigating multinational tax avoidance is that, despite the corporate spin...

Disney Introduces Demand-Based Pricing at Theme Parks

LOS ANGELES — For the first time, tickets to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California will cost more during holidays and...

Minnesota photographers snap iconic bridges with breathtaking originality

As the rivers begin to thaw, photographers across Minnesota will jump at the chance to shoot some of the  state’s incredible bridges and the...

US National Parks Dazzle as Stars of New IMAX Film

Enjoy this trailer of a riveting tour of 30 of the country's national parks in the new IMAX film "National Parks Adventure," which opens...

Storyboard and design eLearning on your iPad “Free”

Adobe Captivate Draft is a pre-production design and storyboarding tool for planning eLearning courses. The iPad app allows Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers and Training...

Google accounts show 11 billion euros moved via low tax ‘Dutch sandwich’ in 2014

Google moved 10.7 billion euros ($12 billion) through the Netherlands to Bermuda in 2014, as part of a structure which allows it to earn...

Getu Valley, China

Bob Lee. 16 February 2016 Taken by Ryan Deboodt on his recent rock climbing trip to Getu valley in Guizhou, China. Filmed with a DJI Phantom...

St Petersburg

Bob Lee 16 Feb 2016 An amazing perspective of St Petersburg. White Nights in Saint Petersburg, Russia from Timelab.pro on Vimeo. An amazing photographic concept which captures...

Dessert projected onto your dinner plate РBon app̩tit!

Bob Lee 16th February  2016 The world's smallest chef prepares a delicious dessert. Bon appétit! Playful remarks aside, this is an interesting 3D mapping proof-of-concept. Designed by...